Charlemagne Paris Agency

Strategy & Real Estate Communication

Charlemagne is specialised in real estate strategy and communication and supports the city's key players with regard to competitions, calls for projects, marketing campaigns and the sale of large assets.

Charlemagne creates timeless identities, singular communication areas and communication strategies adapted to commercial challenges.

The agency combines four areas of expertise: office real estate, commercial real estate (retail and hotels), mixed-use projects and town planning. All of Charlemagne's employees have a strong real estate culture and work with a network of professionals, all selected for their expertise and talent (digital and social networks, film, 3D, print, urban scenography, events).

Over the years, Charlemagne has also developed a real passion for architecture and supports certain French agencies in their communication and development.

The whole team at Charlemagne is committed to participating in the design of a gentler city that is more respectful of life... because we like to think that we are working in the right direction.



The Charlemagne agency takes great pride in the quality and originality of its creative partners. Designers, writers, photographers, digital artists, painters, graffiti artists, performers, computer graphic specialists and UX designers constitute an exceptional creative environment that allows us to put together dedicated teams for each project.

It is by staying connected to contemporary design, in keeping with the essence of our hybrid era, that we are able to create unique experiences for our clients. 


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